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29/02/2012 ¦ News Releases

Europe’s Brewers pledge increased action to combat alcohol misuse


10/01/2012 ¦ National Association News

Croatia joins The Brewers of Europe


10/01/2012 ¦ News

Croatia joins The Brewers of Europe


23/11/2011 ¦ News Releases

President Barroso urges “smart regulation” to boost growth, in speech at Brewers gala


10/11/2011 ¦ News Releases

Dr. Stefan Lustig takes over at the helm of the European Brewery Convention


20/10/2011 ¦ News Releases

Europe’s brewers welcome EU Health Commissioner’s support for EU Alcohol & Health Forum


14/10/2011 ¦ National Association News

As new report shows value of beer to the Irish economy, Irish Brewers Association calls for 10 per cent excise cut


28/09/2011 ¦ News Releases

Europe’s brewers welcome President Barroso’s 2011 State of the Union address


22/09/2011 ¦ News Releases

Resilient European brewing sector hit by recession but fighting back


20/09/2011 ¦ News Releases

Europe’s brewers welcome conclusions of 6th Beer and Health Symposium


7/07/2011 ¦ News Releases

Europe’s Brewers in support of well-informed consumers


30/06/2011 ¦ National Association News

National Research on Beer 2011: beer drinkers embrace always more often non-alcoholic beer – non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic beer segment growing


6/06/2011 ¦ National Association News

Ireland : New report shows marked shift in beer sales from the on to the off trade in 2010


26/05/2011 ¦ News Releases

Europe’s Brewers provide €1 billion per year to support community events


24/02/2011 ¦ National Association News

Finland: Sales of brewery beverages decline in 2010


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