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26/09/2014 ¦ Events

First stakeholder consultation "Beer Environment Footprint Workshop"


19/05/2014 ¦ News Releases

Brewers reiterate need for level-playing field in TTIP


15/05/2014 ¦ News Releases

Beer to spearhead innovative product environmental footprint initiative


11/03/2014 ¦ News Releases

Brewers: Parliament Resolution highlights need to tackle alcohol misuse in Europe


7/03/2014 ¦ News Releases

TTIP: Europe’s Brewers call for level playing field in EU-US Trade talks


20/02/2014 ¦ News Releases

European beer sector can help turn around ailing EU economy


4/12/2013 ¦ News Releases

Brewers have a key role to play in fighting youth unemployment


3/12/2013 ¦ News Releases

Youth unemployment – what role for key EU business sectors?


12/11/2013 ¦ News Releases

Europe´s brewers welcome call to turn EU policy into action


7/11/2013 ¦ News Releases

Faces of Brewing photo exhibition in European Parliament shows sector’s craft and dynamism


17/10/2013 ¦ News Releases

EESC calls on EU policymakers to incentivise growth in European beer sector


16/10/2013 ¦ News Releases

Cypriot Brewers step up activities under EU Alcohol and Health Forum


16/10/2013 ¦ National Association News

Ireland: beer excise hike will hurt farmers, the hospitality sector and will cost jobs


17/09/2013 ¦ News Releases

Study shows EU hospitality sector is key economic driver, sparking calls for more political support


3/09/2013 ¦ National Association News

30% of the final price of a pint of beer is comprised of tax


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